Hamburger 'bread

Burger Bread with @hacedordepan @hacedoresdepantv

✔️220g of strength flour @nuterrafoods
✔️200g all-purpose flour, without baking powder
✔️4g dry yeast (or 12g fresh)
✔️100g of water
✔️100g of liquid milk
✔️30g of sugar (ideal blonde)
✔️35g of wonder oil
✔️2 eggs
✔️9g of salt

👉🏻 Suggested process
Start by assembling the "sponge" (preferment used in this type of bread) with 100g of flour, 100g of milk and all the yeast. Expect it to double in size. Then you add the rest of the ingredients, trying to incorporate the oil at the end, when the dough is already assembled. Knead until no longer shiny and let rest for 1.5hrs. In an inn with flour, turn the dough over, degas it (YES: for these breads it is necessary to do it so that the crumb is even and supports the fillings well, especially liquids👊🏻) and assembles 8 pieces of 100g. Ball and let rest (always covered) until they at least double their size, it can be 2 to 3 hours. Paint with a dora (it can be egg with milk) and take to the oven at 180° for about 20 minutes. For a three-tiered loaf to make a Big Pan, use an oiled aluminum foil pan that makes it taller!

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