Cranberry Nut Loaf by @kano_baker


520 g of flour

30 grams of whole grain flour

370 grams of water

100 grams of active sourdough

10 grams of salt

50 grams of cranberries

50 g of chopped walnuts

suggested process

In a container we add the water to the sourdough and dissolve, then leave the flour, the salt, the cranberries and the chopped walnuts in the body, we incorporate all the ingredients well and we go to the work counter to knead for 10 minutes.

We store the dough in an airtight tupperware for one hour at room temperature, after this step we make a series of folds and let the dough rest for 45 minutes, always at room temperature and repeat this step 3 times. Once the series of three folds is finished, we take the tupperware to the refrigerator and let the dough rest for 16 hours.

Now we will take the dough and make a big bun, flour it and let it rest for 2 hours. While we preheat our oven to 250 degrees below and above. After 2 hours we take our dough, we make a cut one centimeter deep and we put the piece in the oven. We bake our bread for 10 minutes and then lower the temperature to 220 degrees. We let the bread bake for an average of 25 minutes. And until the crust is well golden, we remove it and let it cool for an hour. To enjoy!

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