Baguette with @hacedordepan

Nothing like a freshly baked baguette! We leave you the recipe for @hacedordepan to challenge yourself this weekend!

Ingredients (4 units of 200g)
✔️400g of strength flour @nuterrafoods
✔️10g of rye flour @nuterrafoods
✔️270g of water
✔️2g dry yeast
✔️9g of salt
✔️100g of Poolish👇🏻

✔️50g flour
✔️ 50g water
✔️1g dry yeast

Suggested process:
Dissolve the yeast and poolish in the water. Add the rest of the ingredients and knead. Let the dough rest overnight in the refrigerator in a covered bowl. The next day make some folds to generate a good gluten mesh. Divide into 4 pieces and form balls, tightening them well. LET THEM REST FOR ABOUT 30 MINUTES BEFORE STRETCHING THEM (this is key).

Shape the baguettes first with your hand in the center and then stretching out. Leave them resting in a folded cloth (ideally linen) with a little flour for approx 1.5 hours. Then, make the cuts with a knife or a weaver and bake at 230° with heat only from below and steam (a fountain with boiling water at the base) for about 25 minutes. After that, remove the water and bake for about 12-15 minutes with heat from below and above.

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